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Our Products

Crumble, resin, shatter, and kief all fall into the concentrate category and offer a variety of textures and consumption methods. A cannabis concentrate can be sprinkled on a bowl, added to a joint, or vaporized by way of a dab rig or portable vape pen. With a range of flavor and appearance, concentrates are known for rapid onset of effects and higher potency than flower. The high bioavailability means your reaction is almost immediate and the experience can last between one to three hours. Changes includes the ideal selection of concentrate to suit all preferences.


We offer a wide variety of cannabis products!

As one of the oldest methods of concentrating plant compounds, tinctures are great for discreet, drop-by-drop sublingual application. Placed under the tongue for approximately 15 seconds, the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. There’s no smoke, odor, and very few calories. Tinctures can also be added to drinks, smoothies, sauces and so much more. Changes provides a range of long-lasting tinctures for precise dosing and a variety of uses.

Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid, Changes is your source for over a dozen flower options.

Referring to the trichome-covered portion of the female cannabis plant, loose flower avoids the stems, leaves, and seeds and provides for smoking (by way of a pipe, bone, joint or blunt) or vaporizing. Sometimes referred to as bud, nugs, or nuggets, our quality of flower is distinguished by outstanding color, smell, and taste. Edibles provide a different type of processing of cannabinoids.

The entrance into the bloodstream through the stomach and liver delays the onset of effects yet increases potency. You can also expect the intoxicating effects to last longer, sometimes up to six hours. They are discreet, allow control of dosage and avoid smoke, odor, and the need for gear. Changes invites you to choose from our menu of cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, skittles, Oreo cups, apple rings, peach rings, and more!

Stop by Changes to find the right medical or recreational marijuana for you!

The effects of some cannabis-infused topicals are felt right away, while others can take hours. Typically non-intoxicating and available in lotions, bath salts, oils, sprays, soaps, patches, lubricants, and balms, topicals are gaining popularity. Often including essential oils, topicals are effective for the treatment of wounds and headaches, localized relief of pain and inflammation, skin conditions such as eczema, and lube suppositories for sexual pleasure.

This place is awesome! It’s well set up and the staff are professional and friendly. They really know their stuff and are very knowledgeable about their products (which are reasonably priced and top notch). They never disappoint. I’ll definitely be returning! 10/10 highly recommend!

Autumn G.

This place is amazing really makes you feel like home, prices are better than most places in california and most important of all you don’t get rushed and they give you the absolute best effort to get exactly what you are looking for. Great variety! 5 stars all day.

James V.

This is my new spot.everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable about all the products. I’m so comfortable when I’m there and the experience is always calm and inviting. All of the flower is unlike any other around here. I love it! Also shout out to the best tender- Liv ask for her she is amazing!

Roman H.

This place is super dope. Just went for my first time and I’ll definitely be returning. All the employees were really helpful, great quality product and will recommend anyone to come here!

Ally H.

So much better than the other places I’ve been, Mike and Olivia made us feel at home and totally earned more than 5 stars! Stoked to visit again.

Ty M.

Definitely a great find! Amazing prices with top quality, will definitely be coming back soon and recommending to everyone I know. Staff was very helpful and all in all couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Grace C.

Love the ambiance in the dispensary! Have been coming here since day one and never plan on leaving. Free dabs and great strains of cannabis. Highly recommend the Sour Pink Lemonade. Mike, Matt, and Liv are really personable and always take care of me when I come thru like I’m family. 100% recommend!

Andres D.